2. Living space renovations

Weather you require something spectacular or cheap and cheerful 

  • Bathrooms with custom tile showers
  • Kitchens 
  • Basements
  • Back-splashes
  • Custom- Built-ins  
  • Vanity installs 

Rates: Time and materials budget or fixed pricing available - Please call for free phone consultation 

Chris Manson 705 455 2849 

"With mindful planning, fastidious application and a good old fashion hard work, I am able to provide my customers with great value in both product and price"  

Chris Manson (owner/operator)

3. Pre-Planning through consulting 

Finding the right contractor to do the work, pre-planning and knowing your renovation are vital for a successful renovation. I believe in this so much that I wrote a book called a "A Home Owners Guide to a Successful Renovation". This can be found at Amazon Kindle or by calling me for a hard copy. 

For simple jobs such as a basic bathroom or less, an in-depth consultation may not be impactfull enough to make it worth while. However, when you are thinking about making some significant alterations to home that will integrate with its' existing structural and infrastructural components; a 3rd party opinion can go along way with saving you time, money and aggravation. 

Projects that can be aided with pre-planning and consultation:

  • Designer and/or large bathroom renovation
  • Relocation of a bathroom/kitchen/laundry
  • Kitchen renovation 
  • General changing the use and layout of space

Service products offered through Consulting 

  • Working with you or your designer to help highlight what is straightforward and what will/might require additional and/or unforeseen scope
  • Offer cost saving recommendations and alternative solutions 
  • Provide a Project plan including a reasonable timetable for completion 
  • Create a detailed scope of work
  • Provide a budget outline for both time and materials, to help you understand where your money is being spent
  • Quote/contract review and highlight

Check out the              Tab for general scope building considerations to help you with your renovation.  

1. Professional Home  Repair 

Seamless repairs in; 

  • Drywall patching, stucco patching (quality texture blending)
  • Tile and natural stone repairs 
  • All carpentry related repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Toilet, shower and appliance installation 
  • Landscaping repair 
  • Brick/block repairs
  • Other related repair jobs